Goals & Objectives



     • To articulate a trusting and loving relationship with God

     • To develop a personal prayer life

     • To worship God in monthly chapel services and daily "Jesus Time"



     • To recognize and verbalize one’s own feelings and to respect those of others

     • To develop a positive self-image and independence



     • To develop social skills such as sharing and taking turns

     • To develop communication skills necessary for problem solving and working with


     • To participate in free choice and group activities

     • To follow a routine



     • To develop age-appropriate expressive (speaking and writing) and receptive

        (listening and reading) language skills

     • To participate in age-appropriate math readiness activities such as sorting,

        graphing, measuring, counting, number recognition, and one-to-one


     • To strengthen positive learning dispositions such as persistence, independence,

         initiative, creativity, flexibility, cooperation, and the ability to direct and control

         one’s own learning



     • To control small muscles in the hands (fine motor)

     • To develop eye-hand coordination

     • To develop gross motor skills through games, basic locomotor, and movement


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